Jenny the Golden-Doodle rests in the Sun

Jenny the Golden-Doodle rests in the Sun


Our facility has three big indoor yards, and each has an outdoor section, too. Play areas are mopped at least twice a day for cleanliness and disinfection. We separate dogs based on size or energy levels. Most days, your pup will either be in with “The Bigs” or “The Littles.” There will be a member of our awesome staff with each group of dogs at all times. Your dog’s safety and comfort are our primary concern. 

Activities include simple training, Tennis Ball Time, bubbles, or using some of the play equipment (steps and slides.) When it is warm out, we sometimes pull out ice cubes to chase or make available a wading pool. Most days, in “The Bigs” the play group is running and playing with each other and in “The Littles” pups are cuddling with each other or one of our staff. Naps, meals, meds (we require an original bottle, often we “hide” meds in peanut butter, please let us know about any allergies…) and many special needs are possible for us to accommodate at your request. 

Full price for one day of daycare is $30. For information on our multi-day packages, see Rates.

“The Bigs” Yard

“The Bigs” Yard


As a boarder at Ace Dog, your pup will spend each day in playgroup (see “Daycare.”) Additionally, they’ll get breakfast and dinner per your instructions. Dogs do best if they stay on the same food, so please bring enough for their stay. We do have dry food on hand if needed—priced at $3 per meal.

At the end of business hours, our caring staff will tuck your pup into their own kennel for sleeping overnight. Dogs from the same family can share a kennel. We do have fleece blankets and some beds to make your dog more comfortable, or you can bring your own. 

Full price for one night of boarding is $45—which includes daycare for the preceding day. Last day pickups before 11AM are included. After 11 AM, you’ll be charged for an additional daycare day. 

We encourage reservations for boarding. At some times of the year, reservations require a deposit. 

We do get more busy on holiday weekends. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we do our best not to turn any dog away—which sometimes means boarding in one of our assorted crates, or in a crate you bring from home.  Reserve as soon as possible for any trips to ensure a spot!

Will you come play with me?

Will you come play with me?

Baths and Nails

We wash dogs for $30 and up. We’re happy to schedule a bath on the last day of boarding. 

Nail trims for $10. (For pups who tolerate a trim.)

You can use our grooming parlor to wash your dog for $15.