Dog Information:

Name: ___________________________ M/F Spayed/aNeutered? _____ (circle one) Breed: _______________________________

Color(s): ____________________________ Weight: ______________________

DOB: ________________________ (even if you don’t know the exact date, please approximate)

Rescue/Shelter Dog? If so, adopted when? ________________________

Human Information:

Name: _________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone(s): please list in the order we should try to reach you in the event of an emergency:

________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________
How did you hear about us? ☐Live nearby ☐Drove by ☐Google ☐Yelp ☐Word of Mouth ☐Advertisement/Mailer ☐Other _____________

If you heard about us from someone else, who? They may qualify for free daycare! ____________________________________

Medical Information:

Allergies? ______________________________________________ Physical Ailments? _________________________________________ Vet/Clinic:_______________________________________________ Vet Name:___________________________________ Phone:____________________________

Does dog currently take any medication? Y/N

Medication Dosing Schedule:__________________________________________Condition:_______________________________________________________

Which medicine(s) need to be administered during daycare? _________________________________________________________________________________

Social Information:

Is dog socialized with other dogs? _______________________________________________________________________

Has dog ever bitten another dog or person? _________________________________________________________________

Is there any place dog does not like to be touched? _____________________________________________________________

Is dog a jumper? ______________________________________________________________________________________

Does dog snap, growl, bare teeth, or raise hackles when surprised, scared, or excited? __________________________________________________________

Does dog exhibit signs of separation anxiety? _________________________________________________________________

Does your dog know any special commands or tricks? _______________________________________________________________________________________

Would you characterize your dog’s energy level as high or low? (circle one)

Other Information:

Do you wish to authorize anyone else to pick dog up from daycare? If so, who? __________________________________________________

Is dog allowed treats? __________________________________________

If you are concerned that your dog will overdo it, we are happy to put him away in a kennel for a nap during the day. Would you like your dog to have a mandatory nap time? _________________________


IF YOUR DOG WILL BOARD AT ACE DOG, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: Has dog boarded anywhere before? _________________________________

Do you have any reason to believe that your dog cannot be confined or will have problems adapting to a kennel? If so, please explain. ______________________ _________________________________________________________________

Is your dog known to not eat or otherwise “shut down” during boarding stays? If so, please explain. __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Is there anything else we should know about your dog? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

I confirm that I have completed the foregoing Application to the best of my ability. I further agree to provide evidence of current vaccinations (Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper) as required and to update them as needed in the future. Finally, I confirm that I have read and agree to be bound by the terms of the attached Agreement.

Signature: ______________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Name: _________________________________ Name: _________________________________

Date: __________________________________ Date: __________________________________

/New Dog Application & Agreement v1.2/



By signing this form, you agree to hold Denver Dog Spa & Resort, LLC, also known as Ace Dog, its owners, employees, or any other persons affiliated with Ace Dog, harmless for any injuries or illness to your dog(s) while in the care of Ace Dog.

Although Ace Dog watches the dogs in its care carefully, and does its best to screen out aggressive dogs, daycare is a place where dogs co-mingle in groups, and certain hazards exist. Ace Dog will make every practical effort to notify you immediately should signs of serious injury or illness appear in your dog. If you cannot be reached and emergency care
is required, Ace Dog will authorize a duly licensed veterinarian to take all action needed to save life and limb, at the expense of the owner. Ace Dog reserves the right to utilize the services of any duly licensed veterinarian of its choosing. In the event of death of a dog while in our care, Ace Dog will transport the pet to a veterinarian of its choosing to hold the remains until such time as you can be reached.

You give full consent to give to your dog(s) products not labeled for use on pet animals. (For example, when delivering medicine such as pills, we sometimes give with peanut butter.)

You further agree to pay the stated rate for services for the duration of your dog’s stay with us. Returned checks will be charged a $35 fee. We reserve the right to refuse to release any dog until all incurred fees are paid in full.

Finally, as Owner, you grant permission to Ace Dog to reasonably house your pet in a kennel or crate as needed, whether it be for nap time, for overnight stays, or in an attempt to correct behavioral issues. By signing below, you signify that you are the Owner of the pet in question or that you have authority to bind the Owner in this Agreement. I understand and agree to the above.


SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________________________________

PRINT OWNER’s NAME(s)__________________________________________________________

2nd OWNER’S SIGNATURE:_________________________________________________________

PRINT 2nd OWNER’s NAME(s)_______________________________________________________

1st Dog’s Name _________________________________________________________________

2nd Dog’s Name ________________________________________________________________

/Ace Dog Client Liability Waiver Agreement 2018JUNE20 v1.3/

Reggie loving the pool.

Reggie loving the pool.